Orange Fox Matching Lunch Box To Toddler Backpack

The super-cute Toddler Lunch Box makes everyone smile! Designed as a “mini-me” match to the Toddler Backpack its upright positioning is optimized for kindergarten sized lunches, allowing easy access to sippy cups and snack containers. A handy carrying strap with snaps allows the bag to be attached to the toddler backpack or worn over the shoulder as a standalone item. Includes a removable 'mess bag' for quick cleaning - because we know toddlers can be messy!

List of Features


While linen has a porous nature, tough stains such as ketchup just require a little bit of scrubbing to remove. SoYoung's linen lunch boxes and backpacks can be completely immersed in water, making them machine washable and dishwasher safe. You can then simply lay them out to dry overnight. Putting them in a hot dryer is NOT recommended as it may shrink or melt certain materials in the bag.


Unlike our machine washable linen collection, we recommend spot cleaning the Paper Lunch Poche by hand. To help extend their longevity, we do not recommend putting them in the laundry as it rapidly accelerates the wear. Soapy, warm water and a cloth should do the trick! 

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