• • Linen/Cotton Exterior Fabric: Gives the bag a premium, high-quality feel, and ensures durability.

    • Insulated Interior: Keeps your food fresh and at the right temperature for longer.

    • Machine Washable: Easy to clean on a cold, gentle cycle. No dryers required.

    • Removable Insulated Insert: Allows for easy daily cleaning and ensures the longevity of the bag.

    • Detachable long strap: Provides flexibility in how you carry the bag – wear it as a messenger bag or backpack.

    • PVC, Phthalate, Lead and BPA Free: Ensures that the bag is safe and free from harmful substances.

    • Extra Back Pocket: Perfect for storing cutlery or little notes of love and encouragement.

    • Dimensions: 9"L X 5"W X 8.5"H: A compact size that's perfect for carrying your lunch and other small essentials.

A powerful way to do lunch:

At SoYoung, we believe that small and consistent steps lead to massive change.

We set out to create lunch bags that would inspire people to want to carry their lunches.

Experience the transformation that happens when you regularly take the time to pack delicious lunches for yourself - eating healthier, saving money and supporting our planet.

Beautiful, functional and durable, our generously sized Lunch Poches will help you Pack Your Power.


While linen has a porous nature, tough stains such as ketchup just require a little bit of scrubbing to remove. SoYoung's linen lunch boxes and backpacks can be completely immersed in water, making them machine washable and dishwasher safe. You can then simply lay them out to dry overnight. Putting them in a hot dryer is NOT recommended as it may shrink or melt certain materials in the bag.


Unlike our machine washable linen collection, we recommend spot cleaning the Paper Lunch Poche by hand. To help extend their longevity, we do not recommend putting them in the laundry as it rapidly accelerates the wear. Soapy, warm water and a cloth should do the trick! 

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